Your dad is the person who was happiest one when you got your birth. In childhood days your every single birthday was made special by him. Hence its your turn now to make your father’s birthday special for him. The best present for dad’s birthday should be the thing that is filled with emotion and love. It is more than value of money for him. Hence a personalised homemade gift would be the best gift for him.

Here are some unique homemade gift ideas for your father this birthday that will ensure your fathers happy tears in eyes,

Photo Frame:

A homemade photo frame is a great idea and generally has high success rate in the matter of homemade gifts. Choose the right size and made it yourself with board and colours and bring happiness in your fathers face. Ensure to choose a perfect photo for the frame.


A photo collage containing a journey of your father and you can be touchy as also awesome gift for your father this birthday. The most important fact is that the photos that you will choose will speak. They are not only photos but also emotions to make your best present for dad’s birthday special.

Slam Book:

This is the time when you may think that a slam book is for kids or teens no absolutely wrong at the time when you are getting old you can have a slam book with all the family members, friends and relatives writing what they feel for you. This is what can make your best present for dad’s birthday. Make a handmade slam book and ensure to visit everyone your father loves to put their words on it with photos.

Handmade cake:

This is something that you cannot miss. The all time best gift for a father.  A homemade cake of any flavour that your father likes can be the best gift for your father this birthday. The best present for dad’s birthday is not only about money it is about feelings and when your father will see you have made a cake yourself spending time it will become an amazing gift.

Follow these ideas with homemade cooking for your father if he is a foodie. Those who are foodie are always most happy when you have made food for him awesome for him. Go for food that he likes.

Those who loves their father knows the value of the gift that they choose this Christmas. The best present for dad’s birthday is always about feeling and not money. Hence this is the time when you need to plan a customised homemade gift for your father and surprise him this birthday.

Planning a gift much before the day is a must otherwise you will be in a hurry and handmade product needs creative time which you will not be able to spend.  Those who values emotions knows that life is all about loving the people you know and not about costly gifts and hence go for choosing the right gift that is filled with love.

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